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>>/lain/13 I came here because I love lain and saw that .jp is said less gay than .org. .jp's admin has wiped the original site when he so
>>/pol/12 hell yeah, im just stopping bye, i dont think ill ever be back. just seen the link from the comer of my eye and wanted to check
>>/ed/31 install vichan
>>/ed/30 This board is dead as fuck you need a better social media presence to grow it
>>/pol/11 Is this board dead or what
>>/txt/4 well this failed miserably
>>/txt/3 . ... .""." . ". . "" '.".:I:.".. ". .".:.:....:II:".".".
>>/ed/29 I could have the best software package ever and people would complain. I'm interpreting all this as praise, btw
>>/pol/10 >>4 You AND Scotland can kiss my ass.
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